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7 Sensational Reasons Why Lenovo is a Good Computer Brand In the market for a fantastic laptop? Theres no denying the excellence of Lenovo brand laptops. Formerly known as Legend Computers of Beijing, China, its been over a decade sinceLenovo took over IBM. Along with the brilliant ThinkPad, Lenovos product portfolio covers a wide range of styles and prices offering something for every user, Miền Bắc VIP 5 phút from budget Chromebooks to premium gaming laptops.Dozens of manufacturers produce hundreds of laptops that hit all price points.But when you want the best, a Lenovo surely fits the bill. These are the seven reason why we think Lenovo is a good computer brand. 1.    These Sweet Machines Are Durable and Reliable 2.    Lenovo is a Good Computer Brand Thanks to Non-Stop Innovation 3.     You Cant Talk Lenovo Without Talking ThinkPads 4.    The Best Lenovo Laptops Are Phenomenal 5.    The Legion Series Offers a Variety of Gaming Laptops for Your Budget 1.    These Sweet Machines Are Durable and Reliable Know what Lenovos most popular brand is? Know why its the preferred choice of businesses around the world, including IT experts? Lenovo is a good computer brand because of their wide selection of laptops on tap.  But quality depends on what specific laptop you get, and that goes for any brand:HPDellandAsusare all popular brands due to their reliability and price.  But every brand has good models and bad ones. The model line-up ranges well beyond the classic ThinkPad to include an enormous selection of laptops that dip into a variety of categories TheYoga C930 for instance is a constant favorite thanks to a slim aluminum chassis, colorful display and strong overall performance.  Yogas continue to be such crowd-pleasers that Lenovo extended the design to theChromebook C630.  But the companys mid-tier budget laptops tend to betray build-quality issues:  for example, theIdeaPad 530wobbles when pressure is applied to the left of the touchpad. Still, Lenovos are so reliable, rugged, and high performing that theyre chosen by top businesses both in the US and internationally. Kinda makes you think theyre on to something.2.    Lenovo is a Good Computer Brand Thanks to Non-Stop Innovation For the price, Lenovo laptops are outstanding. And as one of the largest PC manufacturers in the world, Lenovo is a good computer brand because they continue to impress with stunning innovations Good laptops complete tasks faster, while great laptops make you faster:  Remarkable innovations like the companys belovedAccuType keyboard which allows for afluid, spacious and comfortable typing experience continues to put Lenovo on the top of best and worst laptop brands lists year after year. TheYoga C930impresses by squeezing a Dolby Atmos soundbar right into the hinge!  Additionally, just checkout theE-Ink Panel on the Yoga Book C930:  its a screen-based keypad that transitions from a traditional keyboard to an illustration pad to an e-reader all at the press of a button; neat, huh? Other Lenovo highlights include the new Legion brand, which is consistently producing reliable gaming machines Equally, the company found its footing in this sector with theLegion Y7000, an affordable rig with a sleek design and vivid display. In all, Lenovo notebooks receive better ratings than their nearest competitors, and thats due in no small part to the companys continuous innovation.3.     You Cant Talk Lenovo Without Talking ThinkPads Its the companys bread and butter Lenovo laptops are business laptops that can be classified as either:  business formal or business casual Most (but not all) of Lenovos Windows-powered laptops center around two main lines:IdeaPads and ThinkPads.  When it comes to business, ThinkPads are the best laptop brand around. ThinkPads like theX1 Extremeand theX380 Yogaare firmly business formal, delivering acceptable beauty and MIL-SPEC toughness. If youre a mobile professional looking for something thin and lightweight, why not checkout the ThinkPad T series laptops?  TheT490weighs a svelte 3.3-pounds. Similarly, theT580just a mere 4.2-pounds. TheLenovo ThinkPad X1 Carboncomes in at a welter weight 2.5-pounds, thanks to a carbon fiber chassis.  And you cant forget about theThinkPad P1: even though it only has a 4-pound chassis, its still capable of delivering beastly power thanks to a monstrous Intel Xeon-2176M CPU, NVIDIA Quadro 1000 GPU; and itsMIL-SPEC tested, which means it can take punishment. Other notables from Lenovos featherweight division of world-class business systems include theThinkPad L380and the slim powerhouse, theThinkPad X1 Extreme.4.    The Best Lenovo Laptops Are Phenomenal On thebudgetside of things are systems like theIdeaPad 130, along with theFlex 6 11and500e Chromebook.  Lenovo even boasts a premium notebook, theYoga Chromebook C630. Midrange Mainstreamoptions include theIdeaPad 530Yoga 730 13andFlex 15.  Furthermore, an elegant consumer model that needs to be on your radar is theYoga 920, which has abattery lifethat lasts all-day long. Premiumoptions include theYoga C930, which provides strong performance.  Lenovo also earned high praise with the gorgeousYoga 920 2 in 1with its iconic watchband hinge and 10-hourbattery life. Additionally,gaming rigoptions include theLegion Y530, theLegion Y7000and the 17-inchLegion Y740with its Core i7 CPU and powerful NVIDIA RTX 2080 Max-Q GPU.  Not to mention theLegion Y920gaming laptop, which also offers powerful performance and an honest-to-goodness mechanical keyboard.Our Top Lenovo Laptop Picks for best: Slimmest Lenovo Laptop:5.    The Legion Series Offers a Variety of Gaming Laptops for Your Budget Another reason we think Lenovo is a good computer brand is the new Legion brand of reliable gaming laptops.  Introduced to the gaming world in 2017, the goal:  to pulverize Acer Predator and Asus Republic of Gamers (ROG). One of the biggest hurdles for laptops is always the price; especially if youre talking about gaming machines Much of what you pay for is the miniaturization of powerful components that must keep up with the ever-evolving PC gaming world. On that front, the entry-levelLegion Y520demonstrates you dont have to pay $2K for enthusiast-level gaming:  Its Core i7 CPU in addition to an NVIDIA GTX 1060 card proves enough to give competitors a run for their money. But gaming laptops tend to be esoteric, meaning that their lavish often time outlandish design makes them un-suitable for the conservative heterotopia of the corporate office. Youve got to ask:if youre dropping so much for a portable computer, shouldnt it be versatile? The Legion line addresses that issue with a more mature design that dispenses with the typicalflairdominating the gaming PC world but red accents still adorn the keyboard for a subtle touch of the gamer aesthetic.6.    Lenovo Tech Support Lenovos ThinkPad series is one of the best quality-built laptops around. So, it should probably come as no surprise then that tech support for ThinkPads is separate and distinct from Lenovos consumer brand laptops; its likely one of the best tech support services around. Consumer-oriented models, like the IdeaPad seem to be above average too, both in build and tech support.  But both still pale in comparison to the business-oriented laptops. With that in mind, the best support and help is provided by Lenovos online database and mobile app:  their social media accounts dont provide many answers.  Also, Miền Bắc VIP 5 phút if you try their phone agents  lets just say you better have time to waste as theyve been reported to beterriblyslow in responding. But they make up for it with a website thats easy to navigate:  Below the search bar are links that take you directly to important information.  Not only that, but if youre not sure which model Lenovo you own, theres aService Bridgeapplication that automatically scans your device for its name and serial number. Comprehensive information is provided online.  But if you cant find the information you need from those channels, you are on your own.7.    Lenovo Warranty and Coverage Finally, the company deserves credit for the warranty and coverage Lenovo is a good computer brand because they offer:  all consumer laptops come with a 12-month warranty (which granted is an industry default).  But, commercial laptops ship with either a 12- or 36-month hardware warranty (depending on the unit,however). Its still noteworthy because most manufacturers dont include a 36-month warrant for free.  Accidental-damage protection still costs extra, however. But the company will cover shipping costs to service centers (for certain models). For commercial customers, Lenovo recently launched a Premier Support program. Additionally, consumers get the Premium support upgrade program.Final Thoughts