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You are using an older browser version. Please use asupported versionfor the best MSN experience. Chandigarh MC to transfer management of internal market parking lots to traders Traders contend that handing over the parking to private contractors will increase parking rates, making the markets unattractive for shoppers in Chandigarh (HT File,xổ số miền bắc Representational image) The municipal corporation is all set to transfer the management and running of parking lots in all internal markets to the market associations concerned. The market associations will either run these parking lots free of cost or charge nominal rates. MC will be signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the associations to lay down the modalities for parking handover and operation. All markets on the V4 (internal) roads are to be transferred to the associations. Confirming the development, MC commissioner Anindita Mitra said an agenda on the issue will be submitted before the MC General House meet. The Chandigarh Beopar Mandal (CBM), an umbrella organisation of 80 market associations, has been holding meetings with MC officials on the issue. There are two models and corresponding two MoU shortlisted. We will either operate the parking free of cost, or charge at cost to cover expenses, xổ số miền bắc which will come at around₹5 for car parking and₹2 for scooter parking. The final decision on the issue will be taken by the House, said Charanjiv Singh, nominated councilor and president, CBM. There are around 60 such markets, though under MC, but are not being managed by it. There is a lot of chaos in the internal markets. MCs attempts to bring these parking lots under the purview of private parking contractors, has been opposed by the market associations. Associations contend that handing over the parking to contractors will increase parking rates, making the markets unattractive for shoppers. The associations would manage these parking lots better than the private contractors. We dont have any profit in running parking. Our aim is only to organise the parking in a better way so that visitors dont face any hassles. In our experience, xổ số miền bắc better organised market parking make these more attractive to shoppers, said Singh. The market associations will pool their own fund if required to cover the expenses of managing these parking spaces. Notably, the city has currently, 89 parking lots under the management of private contractors. These cover all the main markets, office centres, commercial and institutional areas. The charges here are₹12 for car and₹5 for two-wheelers. The working and efficiency of these parking contractors have come under scanner in recent times. MC has repeatedly fined the parking contractors for failing to manage the parking lots properly and as per their contract with the MC. The market associations can do a better job as they are the stakeholders in the market. Handing over the parking to market associations is a win-win situation for the MC, associations and the shoppers, added Singh. India condemns attempt on life of Iraqi PM Bhaskar Bhatt appointed head coach of senior womens boxing team Not because someone called Modi: What PM Modi said at BJPs national executive